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Our son is going into daycare full time starting Monday until we make our move to Vancouver. As such, our on call bookings will slow down quite considerably. And unfortunately.
I say unfortunately because we have had the absolutely wonderful pleasure of having Mark look after our son now on several occasions. He’s an exceptionally caring, friendly, and warm caregiver. We wish we could have hired him full time!
I wanted to pass this on to you and your entire team because I can imagine it must be difficult for male nanny’s to get requests. If anything, I hope it can help Mark out and keep him busy with bookings 🙂
We love Mark and our son Fox would always light up when he arrived in the mornings.
He’d give him full days reading, going to play groups, eating great food, and having fun – and really made sure Fox didn’t only have everything he needed, but that he had a truly awesome day that started out great and ended even better.
We know Fox had a real friend looking out for him.
I hope we have a chance for him to hang out with Mark a couple more times before we leave for Vancouver!
Please, by any means, feel free to share my sentiments with your customers.Kind regards,
Adam Bullied

Our experience with Theodora was FANTASTIC. She is so sweet and put us at ease from the second she walked in. This was the first time we were leaving our 18 month old with a stranger and first time putting him down anywhere but his own crib so you can imagine we were a bit nervous. She was a very calm and sweet presence which made things so much easier.I have already spread the word to quite a few of my friends and coworkers and will most definitely be using your services again, hopefully with Theodora too.

Thank you so much for providing this service to us weary parents. To know that you are taking the time to find experienced, screened nannies for situations such as the one we had this weekend is so incredible.

Naz Ostad

I appreciate the service you provide. The modest booking fee saved my family a lot of hassle of trying to find someone to babysit – and i could be assured the person that did come, had been thoroughly vetted. I wish you continued success in your business.Diane Catellier

We are very overdue with our review of Lise but I can assure you we were very pleased with her. She watched our 1 year old daughter during our wedding day! We were a bit disorganized; we didn’t even have pyjamas for our daughter that day, big oops. Andie had her ups and down but did very well. We always have our daughter very close by so it was difficult having such a busy day and so little time for her. Lise really saved the day by making her day fun with games and songs in our kid-friendly area on the property. She was entertaining and took charge of keeping her occupied when we couldn’t give her the attention we wanted to. Before our dance (at a different but nearby venue), my husband paid her in full so she could leave when someone we knew came back home. She would have had someone relieve her by around 11:30 but when we arrived past 1am to scoop up our precious bundle, Lise was still there. I guess she felt is was her responsibility to stay and be Andie’s primary care provider. I can say I appreciated this tremendously since the rest of the family was likely tired from the whole day and they needed sleep.

Long story short, we were very happy with Lise and would recommend her and your services to anyone in the Victoria area.

Ginette Mills

We had the pleasure of having Starsha watch our son while visiting from Wa, USA while my husband was on R&R from Afghanistan. This was the very first time he had ever had a babysitter (other than the 1.5 hours the YMCA affords me to workout each day). Being from another country I was, admittedly, even more alarmed that something might happen to our first born child. As soon as I met Starsha as sense of relief overtook me. We returned later on the first day of a two day babysitting adventure and found our little man was sitting up playing and we were thrilled!! Starsha is great and we can’t wait to come back to Vancouver and have her watch our little man again! Thanks so much!Stephanie Norris
Hoquiam, Wa, USA

I had Jessica Jan 14th & Charity on the 15th. Both were absolutely fantastic. Markedly better than the Nanniy I tried to hire on my own a few weeks ago. My daughter took to both of them immediately. I will definitely request them in the near future.

Nidhi Dulai (Calgary)

I just wanted to let you know that all the Nannies we had through Nannies on Call were great. I was really worried about it since we had a few different ones especially with our son because he has a harder time adjusting however they were all really good with our 2 kids and were very caring and made the transition easier for our children and ourselves. I would highly recommend nannies on call to anyone and would use the services again. We especially enjoyed and very thankful for Michelle. She was fabulous with our kids and Haley our daughter learned alot from her and loved her. Thank you so much to nannies on call for making this transition of waiting for our new daycare to open such a good one.Thanks again
Kelly and Tim Siemens (Calgary)

I just wanted to thank you, once again, for coming to my aid at the last minute! Nannies on Call have never failed to disappoint when I am in a jam, and have always provided top class nannies! Xenia was no exception. She was warm and friendly, and my 15 month old took to her immediately. She asked all the right questions on arrival, putting me at ease and allowing me to go to work knowing that my baby was safe and happy! Xenia took my son to the local playgroup, out for a walk, and played with him at home – he had a blast! Thank you, Nannies on Call, you are lifesavers!Tracey Flattes (Vancouver)

Daniela was fabulous with Veronica… My husband and I were chatting after leaving them on Sat, and really feel that every nanny you send us is so amazing, it’s hard to pick our favorites!
Thanks for being such a reliable service.Nadia Mear (Vancouver)

I thank you so much for sending Andrea to be our Nanny. She was extremely professional, fun, energetic, and my Son Brandyn had a blast with her. I was nervous to leave him by himself with a Nanny, as he has always had his Sisters with him, and this time it was just him, but she was very reassuring and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend her and will definitely be requesting her for our Nanny should we come back to the area. Thank you again so much!!!Tracey McCartney (Toronto)

Fiona was wonderul. My girls really enjoyed having her. She brought some games and cards and even lemon tea and honey as one oif the twins had a sore throat.
I ended up being later than expected so I had my Mother relieve and pay Fiona for me. Please thank her for everything and will definately want her back.
We loved reading her report card and think that is such a great idea. You never really know what occured when you have teenage sitters. So think it is a wonderful added touch.
Thank you again for helping me out with such short notice and for hooking us up with Fiona.
We will definately be recommending your service.
Kind regards,
Shayla McIntyre
Pamela was great! My kids loved her and she was professional, prompt and came prepared with activities and swim suit!
I’ve used Nannies on Call in the past and will keep on using you as the service is by far exceptional!
Connie Domries – Whistler
This will be our last Nannies on Call request however as we are relocating to Australia in December. Thanks for all the great care for our children over the last few years. We have always felt secure in leaving our children with your nannies, and that is saying a lot as we only leave them 2 or 3 times a year, and as parents are not so practiced at it either but we have always had happy hellos from the children and nanny when we have returned home.
Sarah and Owen Watson
Thank you for all your help during our summer event. Everyone enjoyed it immensely.
We will definitely use both of your services again in the future should the need arise.
I have asked the staff with kids to provide feedback, here is what I received:

  • My son and nephew had a wonderful time! Nannies were great and the Magician was very entertaining. Thanks for everything! Looking forward for the next summer picnic.
  • My boys had an awesome time!! My little one giggled non-stop at the magician! The nannies were first rate and the kids had a great time.
  • Very impressed with the Nanny service; in fact we’ll be following up to request the services again. Kids also enjoyed the magician: younger one for the balloon shapes and the older one for the tricks. They had a great time.
  • Tremendous!
  • About the nannies, I should say they were awesome.
  • Both were a big hit with my kids – Jenny was great and the Magician certainly got them thinking “how’d he do that?”…

Alden Anderson
Walter Energy Western Coal

Would I recommend Nannies on Call to a friend? Definitely a 10, as I already have recommended you to a friend!

I’m very impressed with the service! Everyone I have dealt with have been wonderful. We had a situation where a class that our Nanny was supposed to take my child to, was canceled. It was not problem to get in touch with the Nanny. Every day when I come home from work, my eldest child tells me about what a great day he had with his new Nanny!

Thank you for providing an excellent service. I’m looking forward to future dealings with Nannies on Call.

Zoey Zoric – Toronto

I just wanted to send a thank you to Nannies on Call and Lindsey. My husband is out of town for three weeks for work and you guys are a life saver. I am using Lindsey’s babysitting so I can get a break from my kids, and at first I felt bad because they already miss Daddy and now Mommy is gone for the day, but seeing how much fun they had with Lindsey and how competent she was made me realize I made the right decision. Lindsey also really listened to my instructions and asked enough questions to make me realize she was really listening.

Online booking is great for me. I also like the prepaying for the agency fee.

Thank you so much!

This was our first experience with a nanny service and it went so well that it won’t be our last. We had a good feeling as soon as we met Jessica and after spending some time with her we had no problems leaving our three kids in her care. The kids had wonderful things to say about her and that’s all a parent needs to hear. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.

Much thanks,

Leslie and Chad Love

I just had Polly B watch the kids last night – my third nanny from Nannies on Call. All the nannies in your service so far are top notch and extremely professional. I love that you do a criminal check and have stringent standards for pre-qualifying the nannies. Not only do I plan on using your service again and again but I’ll be recommending you to other parents I know.

Christine Pilkington – vancouvermom.ca

Thank you for sending Carly to care for my daughters. She was absolutely amazing with the girls. She was professional, patient, engaging, interested, responsible and compassionate. My girls had loads of fun with her and they played ALL day. (I don’t even get to play with them for that long at a time 🙂 I would definitely call upon her services again in the future. Her ease and experience with children shined through and she was able to make the girls comfortable almost immediately. Thank you again for sending me such quality caregivers. It makes my time away from them much easier and I know that I don’t have to worry about them because they are in such capable and loving hands.

Warm regards,
Lorrie Pepper

I have already raved about your service to at least 6 other mothers, and will continue to do so. I am using your service to work, and my clients are thrilled.
Your service has brought me opportunity and a peace of mind. My husband would also add, that his wife’s peace of mind is priceless! 🙂
Vanessa was fabulous, and Chloe really liked her. I would recommend Vanessa 10-10
And 10-10 for Nannies of Call….more like a 12 outta 10. :)Michelle Lynn Wick – Calgary Mother

The children really liked Jessica and we did too. She was right on time and had come prepared with a book and game. She did what I needed with Sarah’s medicine and ensured Tom was in bed at 8pm which was my request. A really nice person. I would give her a 10.

I had such a difficult and unreliable time finding a babysitter to date. When I finally found Nannies on Call it was such a relief. Professional, prompt in finding a babysitter and courteous when hearing out my needs. I would rate the agency with a 10 too.

Philippa Fisher – Vancouver

I recently used nannies on call in Calgary and I think the service is fantastic! We own a company that started out small, not unlike yours I’m sure and we are slowly growing all across western Canada. Taking our children with us and being able to go to company gatherings has been a hassle for us in the past as finding childcare away from home is hard. Thanks to Nannies on Call I was able to go to our Calgary office Christmas party and let me tell you I was promoting it all night long to our staff!

Thanks again for developing such a wonderful company!

Colleen M Cossey – CDC Consulting Services Inc.

The nanny we’d hired through Nannies On Call had been instructed to check in with the concierge at 6pm so that my husband and I could have a dinner date. Seeing it was time, I left our snacks and saw an approachable, beaming woman in the lobby. Yup. It was her. (I love Nannies on Call. Once I was stuck for childcare and came home to happy kids, freshly baked cookies, a clean house and personalized children’s artwork on my mantel). We invited Julia the Super-Nanny for a drink, but our toddlers had other plans. Attaching to her immediately, she was whisked away to be shown the vespa with a sidecar outside Giovane Café (try the pizza, by the way).

The Bathtime. When we went to the room to change for dinner, the kids were bathing with tons of bubbles and having so much fun they weren’t even watching the cool in-mirror TV. The bathroom has a great little stool for doing makeup, or in the kid’s case, teeth brushing / hand washing. After the bath, they demonstrated their abilities in jumping from one queen bed to the other while Julia eyed me for permission and then ‘spotted’ the kids. (Whoops. I was trying to keep that one a secret.)

Jill Amery – urbanmommies.com

The festival was this weekend and it went off brilliantly. Thanks so much for the care that your staff provided, it was very well received.

Thank you again for your support, I hope that we can work together again next year!

Andrea – Lab Cab Festival – Toronto

I used your services for the first time today. I cannot express how happy I was with the service you provided. First, the booking was extremely fast and very professional. Information delivered was very clear and detailed. Then, the nanny that came in was extremely professional (Nanny Christine). She was right on time. Very well educated, well-spoken, and definitely took good care of my child. I was very skeptical to have a stranger come to my house and watch over my child for a day, but I have to tell you that I will definitely use your services again. Your company should be taken as an example by most daycares on how to run a “service excellence organization”.
Great job.Olivier Proust | Scarborough, Ont

Thank you, Karen! Laura was FABULOUS. We’d love to have her again. The kids fell in love with her INSTANTLY. And we came home to crafts and stories (the next morning) about play dough. I look forward to giving your service rave reviews and to recommending it to my friends.

Haley Overland – Toronto

My wife Lisa and I have used Nannies on Call several times and they have exceeded our expectations on the Nannies they have sent us. We couldn’t be happier.

Darcy Hordichuk (Former Vancouver Canuck)

Another thank you is for Jen who managed to find a babysitter at the last minute for us yesterday. My husband had a flight cancelled and another one delayed on his way back from Atlanta, GA meaning he got back 7 hours later than expected. I had a Mama Renew meeting to attend in the evening and so we needed a trusted childcare source to look after Beatrice between me leaving and my husband arriving. Thankfully, Nannies on Call came to the rescue with Parrish. Being new to a foreign country and without any family support means that we really value having Nannies on Call.

Bronwen Sharpe

Since I moved to Vancouver in September 2009 my wife and I used Nannies on Call several times. We mostly call ” last minute” and they always find someone to look after our 1 year old daughter. We have had different Nannies and they were all great. We did not know anybody when we first came to the city and we are glad that we found a professional nanny service that we can trust. We know our daughter is in good hands when we need a night out.

Christian Ehrhoff- The Vancouver Canucks

We have used Nannies On Call for over three years for our two children from the time they were babies in both West Vancouver and Whistler. Nannies On Call has always been reliable and flexible. We have enjoyed the nannies they have provided us and they work hard to make sure the experience is a good one for the children and the parents alike.

Julia McLeod

We have used Nannies On Call on many occasions and the nannies they’ve sent have always been punctual, experienced and responsible. Most importantly, everyone who’s cared for our son has clearly shown that they love what they do!

Alexis Hinde
Twitter: @alexishinde
Blog: Wave the Stick

The 2009 One of a Kind Show and Sale Vancouver was delighted to work with Nannies on Call as the provider of on-site childcare in our family and daycare centre. The Nannies were outstanding with the children, provided quality certified service and we received positive feedback for all those who used the service. It was our pleasure to work with them and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

The 2009 One of a Kind Show Vancouver

As for recommending Nannies on Call, I do this quite a lot anyway and know some of my friends have already used you. I know your services are expensive compared to hiring the 12 year old neighbour but we believe you get what you pay for and with 3 young kids, I feel it is too much for 1 teenager. Therefore I give Nannies on Call 10 out of 10.

Natasha Tucker

Marcela was excellent. I would rate a 10 for recommending her. And I am trusting the Nannies on Call even more, after using you 3 times so far. It’s always scary at first, but we now are feeling more comfortable.

Emilia Widdis

We used Nannies on Call during our Canadian holiday from Australia 2009/10. They honestly have the best Nannies I’ve ever used anywhere! Our kids loved them, and we were totally confident with every booking we made.

Karen + Graham + 2 energetic boys – Brisbane, Australia

I wanted to let you know that we could not be happier with our experience so far. Your website is easy and efficient, the staff in your office are prompt and courteous and both nannies that we have worked with have been truly exceptional.

Overall, your services have far exceeded our expectations. In the spirit of continually providing extraordinary care for our daughter, we look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with your company.

With kind regards,

Elaina Spring and Darrin Eden (Heavy Water Software)

Thank you for writing to follow-up. As a first time user of such a service, I was very apprehensive. Andrea arrived on time and immediately put me at ease. I would not hesitate to use her again—in fact I’m hoping we may be able to book her for another day soon.
I have already recommended the service to two of my friends.Delona Hope

Thanks for recommending and arranging Hailey for us last week. I have gone for 10 out of 10 for both Hailey and Nannies on Call! Hailey wasn’t asked to do much for us as both kids were already in bed when she arrived. However she settled them easily when needed and even tidied up our apartment!! Booking process was simple and reliable and rates very reasonable. Thanks again.

Steph was absolutely amazing!! I wish she would move to Seattle! I give her a 10++ and hope that she is still in Whistler when we return next year!

We have used your company for the past three years and each year the nannies are amazing and this year, Steph was just incredible. My girls adored her and she made Larry and I feel very comfortable leaving the girls with her.

I have recommended Nannies on Call to friends and will continue to do so!

Thanks again,

Jill Steinberg

Exceptional care and service from Michelle and her nannies that we can always depend on!

The Concierge Team – The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Thanks for contacting me – I was very happy with your service and Carmelle was just wonderful – assuming that 1 is poor and 10 is excellent – I would give both Carmelle and your service a 10 rating and highly recommend you to anyone in my predicament of having to find short term childcare in Vancouver at short notice.

I find your rates more than reasonable given that they bought me such attentive care for my baby and the peace of mind which is so important to enable me to focus on other things.

Keep up the good work – you make it possible for working mom’s like me to be good mom’s and good at our work.

Best Regards,

Carol Odell

Trisha, Cody and Clara were phenomenal at our going away party. They were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! They each were , excellent communicators, confident, flexible with the parents, genuine and affectionate with the children… and quite simply made our farewell party an enormous hit for everyone in attendance.

Trisha had the kids up playing games and took charge of clearly explaining (dramatizing actually) all the necessary rules to keep kids safe and parents happy, Clara was approachable even to the most tentative toddler and had suuch a lovely way about her she was swarmed by kids who immediately gravitated towards her, and Cody was right in there beading, playing, laughing and painting faces…she was as hands on as you could possibly get…(including helping the kids paint some of the grown ups faces!!) Every single parent commented on what an amazing time the kids all had (hard to do with 11 or so 1-5 year olds) There was not one crying child…NOT ONE..all night…all we heard was giggles and gut laughs all night…and eventually we heard the loud protests when it was time for the kids to say good bye to their new friends. Thank you so much for making our party successful and completely stress free. That was worth every penny!!…The kids thank you too!!”

Nannies on Call….you helped me so much at the last minute when my regular childcare fell through…it was my first week on the job and I surely would have made a terrible impression had I not been able to go knowing I had great child care! Recommend (10+)
Nicole Savard

My husband and I used Nannies on Call at the Westin Hotel, while we were in Calgary for the Stampede. We have four small children 3, 2, 1, and 2 months and I was nervous to say the least about how the nanny service was going to work out. We had nothing to worry about, as your service is first class, It was a busy weekend and yet we were able to get a booking for all the times we needed, with an exceptional nanny. Sameera came to us very prepared to tend to the needs of our small children. My husband witnessed her in the lobby of the hotel going over notes, etc. Needless to say we were very impressed. I would highly recommend Sameera. She was first class all the way, as was your service. Next year, when we are back in Calgary for the Stampede, we will look forward to working with your service again.

Robert and Rachelle Tuffly
Yuma, Arizona

Ruth was great. She was a unique individual who brought her unique gifts to the table. My kids really liked her. She was excellent and helped the kids to look at things from a different perspective. We really liked her.

As always, thanks for the great nannies and the great service. I was so afraid you wouldn’t be able to find anyone to come to Richmond, BC and you sent us 2 great nannies. Thank you so much. Your booking process is always so smooth too, which I love. One more thing to make my life easier. Like the new website and online booking process. Love that you are constantly improving. I can’t express my thanks enough.
Take care,

I was thrilled with Nannies on Call and Erin was fantastic! My daughter loved her and didn’t want her to leave! I would certainly recommend Erin – a 10. And, I would definitely recommend Nannies on Call – also a 10. I foresee that I will be using the service again. Not sure when I’ll need it, but it really feels good to know that this service is available. I’m a single mom and end up in a real bind sometimes. This is great!!
Cara – Toronto Mom