Our Values

We make families happy.

When working mom-of-two Michelle Kelsey started Nannies on Call in 2001, it was out of necessity—she couldn’t find trustworthy high-end childcare for her daughters and it was impacting her life in a negative way. So she created what she had longed for—a professional, easy-to-use, hyper-reliable nanny service. And it caught on like wildfire (Turns out, there were a lot of moms and dads out there desperate for childcare they could count on.)

Today, Nannies on Call has over 800 nannies serving communities across Canada. We’ve offered over a million hours of on-call nannying and have placed over 1,800 nannies. It’s safe to say we’re the nanny experts.

Our philosophy is simple: Parents and kids first. Always.

We never ever cut corners when it comes to your kids (and so we never cut corners when hiring nannies either). We have the most rigorous screening process in the industry—with only 10% of applicants making it through to Round 2. As a result, our nannies are widely adored and more than 95% stay with the family more than a year. Nannies who are hired have impressive skillsets, up to date certifications, and varying personalities. You tell us what you need, and we’ll connect you with a nanny that suits your family to a tee.

All of our nannies have:
*CPR training
*First Aid certification
*No criminal record

Our nannies are well-loved.

The secret to great nannies is (a) hiring incredible humans with unmatched childcare experience, and (b) treating them well. We love our nannies here and we show it. All of our nannies receive ongoing training, placements with their favourite families (hello, job happiness!), and competitive rates for their extraordinary service.

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