We are mothers fiercely dedicated to exceptional childcare.

The truth is: we’re a business built by mama bears. We’re working mothers who never ever settle for “okay” when it comes to our kids. So we don’t expect you to either. These are the women that make Nannies on Call hum.

Michelle Kelsey – Founder

In 2001, when her only option for childcare was her not-so-experienced 14-year-old neighbour, Michelle channeled her frustration into a business that would alleviate that same frustration for all parents. Insert angelic Hallelujah music.

Her commitment to childcare excellence and ease has led to some pretty big milestones: In 2007, Business in Vancouver named Michelle one of Vancouver’s 40-under-40 Brightest Stars. In 2008 and 2009 respectively, Nannies on Call was ranked #14 of Biggest Women-Owned Businesses in BC. Today, Michelle oversees the company’s 400 nannies and finds immense joy in connecting great families with nurturing childcare in a pinch.

Lisa Bruce – Placement Manager

Lisa’s a mom of two active children and a wife of one equally active husband who understands firsthand both the joy and overwhelm of motherhood. Lisa has been liaising between parents and nannies for over a decade. Some call her a matchmaker. We call her superhuman. When she’s not helping parents sigh relief, she’s cheering on her brood from the sidelines, cooking, and entertaining for big groups. Her background in Hospitality and Childcare make her a customer service whiz.

Kate McGeachin – Placement Manager

Kate is a Nannies on Call veteran—10 years and counting—and a mother of two! Her journey here was one filled with wanderlust and, of course, nannying. After graduating university with a degree in Psychology, Kate travelled extensively, during which time she taught English in Japan and nannied in sunny Australia and historical London, England. She’s a foodie at heart who loves to scour the internet for gluten-free, vegetarian recipes and spends her spare time camping, cycling, skiing, and hiking with her family.

Ciara Lawless – Placement Assistant

Originally from Ireland, Ciara joined our team in Summer 2018. Ciara has a Degree in International Business and has worked in recruitment for the past two years. She has a love for travel and culture and has travelled extensively through Europe, United States, New Zealand and Australia. Following her travel bug  Ciara decided to set up in Vancouver and is looking forward to soaking up everything Vancouver has to offer. In her spare time you will find  Ciara out exploring the beauty of Vancouver, meeting friends for coffee or hauling through the shops in Metropolis to find a few bargains!

Merel van den Bergh – Vancouver Nanny Recruiter

Merel studied Hotel Management and has a Bachelor in Business Administration. She’s originally from the Netherlands, and her skillset has enabled her to work in hotels all over the world—The Channel Islands, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand. So she knows how to get things done in high-pressure environments—with a smile to boot! She brings this experience to her role recruiting nannies and always finds diamonds in the rough.

Alison Burton-Williams – Ottawa Manager

Alison has layers of talent. This former nanny also worked in hospitality for Fairmont Hotels and owned her own B&B in the Gulf Islands. When we asked her to move to our nation’s capital to head up our Ottawa expansion, she was up for the adventure. So was her son, an action, fun-loving toddler who’s just as keen on adventure as she is.

Silvana Felix – On Call Manager

Silvana is a certified elementary school teacher with a Master’s of Teaching degree who lives for education. She oversees our on-call team and chats happily with nannies and clients in two languages—English and Spanish. Clients say her voice is like a cozy hug. And we humbly agree.

Miriam Ennis – On Call Booking Agent

Miriam has a joint degree in Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies, and lends her expertise in understanding the human condition to her role at Nannies on Call. She spends her days on the phone arranging on-call nanny positions, dotting Is and crossing Ts, and her evenings jamming on her ukulele and reading books (not at the same time).

Andres Mariategui – On Call Booking Agent

Andres is the only male at Nannies on Call HQ—but don’t feel sorry for him. He’s in great company! Andres is from Peru and speaks Spanish and English fluently. He studied medical anthropology and volunteered with orphaned children. Always looking for new ways to create lasting positive impact, Andres is working toward a degree in Public health and intends to work in refugee camps in the near future. For now, he spends the little spare time he has playing beach volleyball, tennis, and soccer.

Arathi Aravind – Recruitment Assistant

Arathi studied Hospitality & Tourism and has a master’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. She’s originally from India, but her love for travel has led her to travel all over the world and to also live in England for 2 years of her life, while pursuing her degree in Leeds. She was a writer back in India and continues to pursue her passion for words through her short stories and poetry. She has also volunteered at low-income schools in India and Leeds, where she helped teach kids English and rediscover their love for reading. For now, she spends her spare time discovering what Vancouver has to offer and reading (sometimes at the same time!).

Deborah Shure – Nanny Payroll Services Provider

Deborah is our numbers girl. She has an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics, a busy family life as a mom of three, and is the creator of NannyTax®—the premier nanny payroll service in Canada. She does what most family employers dread: domestic payroll. And she likes it, too!