Happy Nannies – Reviews

Wonder what our nannies have to say about us? These are just a few of our extraordinary nannies who have found nanny jobs though us. Take a peek at the reviews!

It has been a while, and I just wanted to touch base and say THANK YOU for hiring me. This has been such a wonderful set of experiences I’ve had over the last few months.

I couldn’t have asked for a better job and better people to work with. From the parents, to the children, to the wonderful on-call ladies who always kindly and readily answer all of my questions, this has been an amazing journey for me.

Right now the little girl I’m nannying is an absolute dolly and I feel so lucky to be working with her.

So … Thank you! I so appreciate this awesome opportunity you’ve given me πŸ™‚ I hope this email finds you in equal health and happiness.

Cheers and best wishes,

Jen (Calgary Nanny)

To the Management and Staff of Nannies on Call: Hi Michelle and to all, thank you so much for the gift that you had given to me. I really appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart thank you once again.
To Nannies on Call, more power , more branches to open and more success.Sincerely yours,

I found Nannies on Call to be an outstanding, professional agency. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with a range of lovely families.
Lisa (Vancouver Nanny)

Helloooo lovely ladies!!
I regret to inform you – I have left the beautiful metropolis of Vancouver and am heading to Ottawa pastures πŸ™‚ I want to say you are all the loveliest people in Vancouver and to work for!
All the best and please contact me when you branch into Ottawa.
Please take me off on call list (sniff sniff!)
Much love,
Emaly G (Vancouver Nanny)

Hello NOC!
I’ve got my own last minute booking but this one is for life!
I have to take myself out of the loop for a awhile. I gave birth March 26th and am recovering from it all. I may become a client myself before I come back as a nanny. Thank you so much. I look forward to coming back in a few months and it’s been great to have the experiences. You are all fantastic!
See you soon!
Laura (Vancouver Nanny)

Nannies On Call has afforded me the fabulous mountain lifestyle I want. I use to work crazy hours as a floral designer with no life…ski time, hiking. I wasn’t able to enjoy this beautiful place which is why I am here. I joined Nannies On Call and I have never looked back!! I choose when I want to work. I meet interesting people and lovely children from all over the world. I ski all the time now and do all the other activities that I love. When I need a rest I take it. Nannies On Call has a great team running the show from head office. They are very accommodating and VERY FAIR! It is a really fun time. If you ever have the chance to work a convention or “group booking” take it, you will have the best time meeting and working with the other nannies! There are other companies that do the same thing as Nannies On Call but you can’t compare them, I know because I worked for them before I was FORTUNATE enough to join the Nannies On Call team.
In fact just last week I was visiting friends at one of the hotels here in Whistler and on the elevator ride down I was talking with this girl who was so tired and unhappy. She was working for one of the other companies and I knew exactly what she was going through. I gave her a ride home and she appologised for “unloading” on me so I told her to give “Nannies” a call and never be treated poorly again! She thanked me and said I had given her new hope and a better future in Whistler. I left her smiling with the phone number for Nannies On Call! See you in Whistler.
Randy (Whistler Nanny)

Nannies on Call are working on a highly professional basis. They are very organized and strive every day to provide reliable and caring services for clients in Whistler,Vancouver,Calgary and area.

Why do I work for NOC? Flexibility, Freedom, great communication and service I can stand up for personally.

I love working for and with NOC!
Nelli (Calgary Nanny)

When I was introduced to Nannies on Call after moving to Vancouver, B.C. I never had thought of working as a nanny. At my age (55) and with my experience, (B Ed, Masters of Ed, & Montessori) I was encouraged by the lovely and supportive staff at NOC, who guided me into a great job and also into a community of wonderful people I have made close friends with over the last year. Over this time, the staff has given me excellent responses to my queries and provided incredibly able advocacy for my work. This is a true service to both nannies and the families they serve, as it ensures a climate of respect with constant “peace-keeping” skills for all. So, I can only express many thanks for being associated with this organization that keeps striving to improve itself in very meaningful ways.

Francesca (Vancouver Nanny)

Nannies on Call allows me to be a unique nanny, and care for each child the way I would have liked to have been babysat when I was little. I like the freedom of using the website to book any booking I want to commit to. I also like that I can call up and let the agent know I am very keen to work that day and she will call me back as soon as a suitable job comes in. You guys are understanding & professional towards our individual needs as nannies as well as families who book with you.

Maeve B (Whistler Nanny)

Nannies on Call is a flexible family friendly work place that has grown and adapted over the years along with my needs.
I have worked with them as an on call nanny, as a pregnant placement nanny, and even in an office capacity. I have been offered opportunities to train, share my knowledge and meet some incredible positive and open minded people. Working with Nannies on call has also helped shape my own parenting philosophy. I feel fortunate to have met so many truly delightful children and loving parents and to have been given the chance to help and learn from them all.

Leanne (Vancouver Nanny)

I love working for NOC! My schedule is flexible and the families I have worked with have all been amazing. NOC is prompt with replies, readily available for questions, dedicated to making the working experience a good one for everyone involved, and monthly recognition is given to their nannies. I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of NOC. One of THE BEST agencies I have ever worked for. I am happy to be a part of a postiive agency that cares so much about their clients, behind-the-scenes employees, and their frontline workers — us nannies! Two big, enthusiastic thumbs up!”

Liz (Vancouver Nanny)

“Nannies on call have our best interests at heart”
” Nannies on call makes sure we get paid what we deserve ”
” If you need a flexible job — work for Nannies on Call! ”
” Best job in the world for a STUDENT ”

Danielle (Vancouver Nanny)

I love working for Nannies on Call ! NOC offers ultimate flexibility for my schedule, allowing me to accept jobs when I have free time, or not if I am already busy. Plus the staff are AMAZING to work with! I love how bright and cheery the gals are, with their prompt, concise and accurate relay of information. It’s professional, AND fun! It is easy to see that this company, through the exceptional individuals who make it up, are committed to providing the highest level of service possible. And on top of all that, we nannies get paid to go have fun with kids – can it get any better!!?!!

Mariah H (Victoria Nanny)

Nannies On Call was the most ideal summer job I could have asked for. I nannied for numerous families around the Vancouver area, picking and choosing my own schedule as it worked for me- around school and working
part time. There was always more than enough work to keep me busy, and I loved that I could choose to take bookings from families that I knew and those who requested to have me back. I had such a great summer playing
with kids, being outdoors, and going on day trips with families around the city- it’s like you get to play tourist in your own town (and get paid for it!) The office staff at NOC is top notch. They are so supportive and positive, and super helpful in getting you the jobs you want! Now, after moving from Vancouver to Victoria a few years ago, I am back with the agency and looking forward to meeting new families here on the island.

Brooke (Victoria nanny)

Nannies on Call is an awesome agency to work for! I am able to work here in Victoria when my university course-load isn’t too hectic. When I visit family in Vancouver, I pick up shifts there. Since I was new to the island, working for an agency was the right choice for me. It saved me the hastle of building a clientele on my own; Nannies on Call finds me the clients and those clients can then request me by name. With this agency opportunities have been available to me that would have not otherwise been possible. I have had many hotel bookings and have taken children to museums, the Imax, zoos and other fun places. I love being able to work a part-time job, go to university and still get quite a few shifts through the agency!

Kayla L (Victoria Nanny)

I have been with Nannies on Call for almost 2 years and I could not be happier with an agency.
Not only do they find great nannies they find you great families

DeeDee (Vancouver Nanny)

Nannies On Call offer us (nannies) the highest standard of agency professionalism. Their systems are easy to use, effective and thoughtful. As well as this, the girls have a genuine and personal approach. They are always positive, upbeat and clearly enjoy what they do. Nannies On Call are truly a delight to work for.

Joanna E (Vancouver Nanny)

The reason I chose nannies on call as an agency is because it works perfectly with my University studies. I can take On-Call jobs whenever I’m available to work and can take a break during exams when cramming is necessary. I love the professional image which Nannies on Call upholds. I feel good about representing a company with high standards.
A Student Nanny (Calgary)

Working for Nannies on Call is such a great experience because you get the best of both worlds – you get to work in a fantastic job with wonderful children AND you get to work for a fantastic company that supports and encourages you every step of the way. I have never felt like I’m on my own when working for Nannies on Call and know that someone friendly and knowledgeable is always on the other end of the phone whenever I need them. I have traveled all over Vancouver in my work for nannies on call, have met amazing families, heard amazing tips and stories, and worked with really fantastic children. Every job is full of excitement and adventure! The kids are awesome, the families are awesome, Nannies on Call is awesome, and the flexibility of choosing my own work schedule is awesome – what more could you ask for?

Ali (Vancouver Nanny)

Nannies on call is perfect for me as it offers flexibility. I have a full time job but like to do extra hours here and there when im saving for something special and nannies on call allows me to do that. The people are lovely and helpful and really care about you and your needs as well as the families.

Monique B (Vancouver Nanny)

I enjoy working for Nannies on Call because everyone… especially office staff… are very supportive, kind, and friendly.
We are all focused on giving the best care possible for all the children of NOC clients. We treat them like our own family.
Thank you very much.

Mency (Vancouver Nanny)

First of all, I thank the Almighty God for having us Nannies on Call most specially to all the clients and nannies who are with them right now. As we all know, Nannies on Call had opened 3 more agencies and I’m one of those nannies who are proud of their success.

Michelle and I started Nannies on Call together. She was the the manager and I was the nanny. That time I was her full time nanny. Michelle Kelsey is a nice and a good employer with a good heart. I had a lot of fun when I was their nanny with her 2 beautiful daughters. (Gabrielle and Mikaela)

Until now, I owe a lot from Nannies on Call. All the staff are very friendy, helpful and accomodating. If you need some help for your kids, they are always there to send nice and hardworking nanny which you can trust and act like a parent for your kids while you are away short or long hours.

What I can say about Nannies on Call is, “You’re # one”. If I’m working with your company, it’s like socializing in a different way with different family, different kids with different character and different ways of life. I feel so good and happy looking after different kids. They are angel from heaven.

To the manager, Michelle Kelsey. And to all the staff of Nannies on Call, thank you so much and more power.

Sincerely your’s
Rose – Original Nannies on Call Nanny (Vancouver)

Nannies On Call is a super organization to work for as I am able to be my own boss while having an excellent group of ladies by my side to help me. The flexibility is unbelievable and I have had only positive experiences with families and their children. Nannies On Call is an advocate for their nannies as well as their families. They make for a great employer as well as an organization I would strongly recommend to any one with children!
Kat (Vancouver Nanny)

Working for an agency that cares just as much about making me happy as they do our clients (feeling appreciated, respected, protected, supported….)

Always having a friendly and personable (and often very funny!) person at the other end of the phone when I call the office .

Meeting really interesting people that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Being able to put a family at ease when they open their doors to stranger and trust me with their children and home.

Feeling confident in myself as someone calm, caring, capable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, patient, fun, reliable, and hopefully someone they’d welcome back into their home.

Michelle W (Vancouver Nanny)

Being a huge fan of working with children of all ages, Nannies On Call is my ideal job. The flexibility to choose my own hours provides such a great balance with my fast paced life. Best of all, I’m meeting so many wonderful families who are so appreciative of the service I provide.

Lindsay Haywood (Calgary Nanny)

Nannies On Call is a really great company to work for because of their clientele, their children, and their professional and supportive staff! As an on-call nanny I have really enjoyed meeting professional clients and I have been privileged to see the great care and commitment that parents have for their children. All of these parent’s children have been a real joy to work with and working with them has been a diverse, adventurous, fun, and eye opening experience. As a student, my on-call position has been a great support in my needs for flexibility. The staff at Nannies on Call are always efficient, reliable, and professional. It has really been an experience where I have felt immediately welcomed and valued.

Leslie (Calgary Nanny)

My new job is going good. I’m their first nanny, so they are kind of relaxed with me because they have one more person to help them, and also for the older kid it’s something new and he is really proud of having a nanny – he always introduces me to everyone! The neighborhood is wonderful and the beach is so close so I can go almost every day with both kids.And with the other kids it’s also really good, we enjoy the time we spend together. Today I took them for an ice cream because they have been working hard with their homework so they deserve it, and we are planning some crafts for Halloween that will be hilarious!I really love my job. I love being with kids, so I really enjoy the time I spend with both families – it’s something I don’t have to do, it’s something I love to do and I get paid for that so that’s wonderful!

Sandra Machuca Nava