Be a Nanny. An Extraordinary Nanny.

Have you seen The Nanny Diaries? Right.

With Nannies on Call you’re not out in the park sifting through offers from random families looking for nanny jobs in Canada – or negotiating for your well-deserved hourly rate.  We take care of that part so you can focus on what you do best: exceptional childcare. Work on your schedule, taking jobs with your favourite families.  No need to keep re-submitting references or sending endless emails to random job postings! And most important, the agency is on call 24 hours a day to back you up. Nannies on Call can help you find on call (babysitting), short term, part time or full time nanny jobs in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria.

Excited to meet us? Fantastic! We can’t wait. Click here for a detailed list of our application requirements for full-time, part-time and on call positions.

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