On Call Nanny or Placement Nanny? Such an extraordinary choice!

At Nannies on Call we have two different services…

On Call Nanny

Our On Call Nanny service provides a pre-screened nanny to care for your children on site, on your schedule! All our extraordinary nannies arrive at your door bonded and insured. Whether you’re staying at a hotel or simply hoping for a long lost Saturday date night, On Call is the perfect solution.

  • Families book on an as needed basis.
  • Multiple caregivers – While we try to limit the number of nannies that a family receives our nannies have the flexibility of providing us with their availability on a weekly basis.
  •  Agency fees are charged per day. (See agency rates)
  • Clients can book a nanny with 24 – 48 hours notice.
  • Nannies are not able to drive the children.
  • The On Call service is not designed for long term commitment.  Please refer to the Permanent Placement.
  • Families receive a short bio about the nannies before they arrive.
  • The nanny is an independent contractor.

Permanent Placements

If you’re searching for a regular nanny or a nanny to come on a fixed schedule Placements is exactly where you should begin. We have full-time, part-time or short term nannies ready to be interviewed by a great family like you!

  • Nannies commit to a one year contract (Nannies on Call also does short term placements)
  • The family is able to interview the nannies before selecting the right match for their family.
  • The agency fee is a one time charge. (See agency rates)
  • Hiring a placement nanny takes 4 – 8 weeks and includes viewing profiles, interviewing and negotiating a contract.
  • The nanny is an employee of the family.
  • The family receives a full package about the nanny including resume, letter to the family and references.