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Top 5 Things to Check out This Summer in Toronto

The winter chill is gone, bring on summer! There is a lot to see and do in Toronto, and so I’ve picked out just a few of my favourite things to do that can be enjoyed as a family or while nannying.

Meet Nanny Stacey!

New to Nannies on Call, Stacey explains how she gets jobs, deals with new situations and how she interacts with the staff in the office.

When is the best time to have professional family photos taken?

This is a question I get asked on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis—when should we schedule our family portraits? Well, I can’t say there is a perfect time or age or season, but there are a few guidelines you could follow to determine what would work best for you family.

1) Age is more than just a number – How old your kids are matters when it comes to portraits. For example, I like to photograph newborns in the first 3 weeks of birth, then again at 3-4 months, 6-9 months and the first birthday. You have to keep in mind the age difference between your children as well; two babies will be more difficult to photograph than a baby and a toddler, and if you’ve got three or more…having the older ones at an age where they can listen and follow direction will help make the session run more smoothly.

From Nanny to Household Manager

You need to create a journal to document the tasks and responsibilities that you handle for the family every day; this can be a simple notebook to jot stuff down in. Do you run errands or make deliveries, load the dishwasher, usher the children to activities, wash, dry and fold laundry, grocery shop? Do you book any appointments or schedule pick-ups or make repairs? Send emails or make phone calls? Write down everything – children home from school sick or for vacations or holidays, dentist and doctor appointments that you brought children to.

The Mad Italian Gelato Bar

The Mad Italian Gelato Bar, situated across the street from Hollywood Gelato on Bayview, proves that one simply cannot have enough Gelato joints! This is especially true considering the hot sun that Toronto offers in the summer.

Love Child – Toronto

With an amazing array of cute, fashionable, functional and groovy clothes for children, Love Child, is a must visit for any one looking for unique and affordable baby and kids clothing. Owners, designers, and sisters, Dawn and Jacquelene McCormack, have captured the essence of fun in their small store on Yonge St just north of Eglinton Ave.

Kids Craft Ideas – Recycling Items Around Your House

You can give children just about anything to craft with and they will make a phenomenal item that most adults couldn’t come up with. Make an area in your house – a shelf, a closet or a cupboard – and slowly add items to it that are no longer used around the house; they will be there for that rainy or snowy day to pull out and start crafting with. If you do not have the crafty kind of mind that it seems many mothers have, it’s okay. Just take out a bunch of the items that you have collected and let the kids come up with the ideas.

Victoria Nanny of the Month

Renee has been with our agency since April and has quickly become a favourite with the families she works with. With a BA in Intercultural Studies, and volunteering abroad with children on mission internships, Renee is a true angel. Renee has experience with special needs and children of all ages.

Regional Manager – Toronto

Job Description:
Are you an outgoing self-starter with entrepreneurial spirit? Nannies on Call is interested in talking to you.

Moms To Be…and More

Moms To Be…and More barely covers what this store has to offer! It is enormous and carries absolutely everything you need as a first time mother – or second time, or third time, or more…

Just one trip to this store and a first time mom will learn about every single item she could possible need for her new baby. The expert sales people that are positioned on every floor are truly knowledgeable about the products in their specialized area, ready to answer any plausible question.