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Opening in the Capital City – Ottawa

Nannies on Call is excited to announce that we are opening in Ottawa on October 1st, 2017! Nannies on Call provides Extraordinary on Call nanny services and Full time, Part time and Short Term nanny placements services in Ottawa. Our Extraordinary nannies are devoted childcare professionals placed at an exceptional standard of quality and reliability […]

How to Make Valentine’s Day Healthy

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to fill up on sugary, unhealthy treats. We are bombarded from all avenues with baked and packaged goods at this time of year. But it’s super easy to make Valentine’s Day healthy and delicious at the same time! All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter, a little creative […]

‘Tis the Season!

The holiday season is now upon us, and holiday-themed baking, crafts, and activities are the perfect excuse to get creative and have fun with your little ones! We have been updating our Pinterest recently, and have compiled a fantastic stash of holiday-themed ideas for nannies and families to try with the kids. Check it out by […]

Canucks Hockey Tickets!!!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further! Nannies on Call is holding a silent auction for two Canucks club seats (value $477), a parking pass, Canucks mug and a autographed photo of Eddie Lack to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation. All proceeds go to Children’s Wish Foundation to make Hailey and […]

Expanding to Edmonton!

Nannies on Call is excited to announce that we are opening in EDMONTON on October 1st, 2014!

Nannies on Call is hiring extraordinary on call nannies to help us WOW Edmonton families! Have you recently moved to Edmonton or have friends in the area? Please forward them this email.

Remembrance Day

A Pittance of Time…

To some Remembrance day is just another day off of school or work, but to others the day has much more meaning. It can be a time to reflect on those people who fought so hard for freedom and helped Canada expand to the beautiful country that it is today, a safe location for people of all ethnicities. As generations get older and our population ages, we lose a connection with those veterans who served in wars, if they are not around, it is hard to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices they went through so long ago.

Help Send Nathan to Disneyland!

Nathan, now 6 years old, is diagnosed with Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, which leads to kidney failure. In March 2010, Nathan went through a kidney transplant and is still receiving intense treatment today. Despite the struggle with his life threatening illness, Nathan remains an optimistic young boy with big dreams. He is fascinated with technology, enjoys computers and reading, which makes him appear quite intellectual for his age. “He is always coming up with good ideas on how to improve on things!” commented his mother, Tina. At Thanksgiving, when he overheard Tina complaining about the meat thermometer not working well, Nathan decided that when he grows up, he will invent a better one and described the concept that the thermometer can be left in the meat while it is being cooked and sends notification through a cell phone app when the turkey is done!

Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Now that Halloween is just around the corner it’s time to plan all the festivities. From buying candy and decorating, to thinking of costumes. Dressing up is the most exciting part of Halloween for kids and for adults. Face painting is a great way to bring Halloween costumes to life! Whether you’re a cheetah or skeleton there’s always a creative and fun way to paint your face!

Korean sangchu ssam or Lettuce Wrap Recipe

If you have ever struggled to get a reluctant child to eat a healthy day’s portion of vegetables, try this hands-on Korean dish that’s both kid-friendly and remarkably tasty!

Ssam literally means ‘wrapped’ in Korean, and covers a wide variety of food that are wrapped in leaf vegetables like lettuce, sesame leaves, seaweed, and so on. It’s a fantastic way for kids to have fun with their food by building each bite themselves (similar to tacos or burritos), and still eat something that is fresh and healthy. The version we’ll make today is sangchu ssam or lettuce wraps, one of the easiest to eat and find ingredients for.

Nannies on Call Back-to-School Social!

What: A chance to meet and mingle with other Nannies on Call Nannies and staff, in a last summer hurrah! When: Thursday August 30th, 5:30-7:30pm This is an informal event; please feel free to arrive whenever you are able after work. Where: Playful Grounds, 605 College Street, Toronto ON Who: Current and former Nannies on Call Nannies only Why: Because […]