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Meet Nanny Stacey!

New to Nannies on Call, Stacey explains how she gets jobs, deals with new situations and how she interacts with the staff in the office.

Nanny Tips for Professional Conversations

Susan explains the importance for nannies to keep conversations professional. Staying away from anything personal like finances, breakups or late night partying.

Tips for nannies – Issuing receipts

On Time All The Time!

At Nannies on Call it is important to be on time all the time.

Stranger Danger

With divorce and extended families it can be difficult to keep straight who has access to the children. Find out what Susan says about keeping yourself and the children safe while nannying.

Interview with Jennifer Kelly

Susan Lee interviews Nannies on Call’s Vancouver Nanny Recruiter. Learn more about what Jennifer is requires when you apply for and interview with Nannies on Call.

Knowledgeable Nanny – Confidentiality

Susan Lee discusses the importance of being confidential while nannying.

Nanny Tips – Prepare for the Unexpected

Sometimes when you arrive at a Nannies on Call booking and there are things that are unexpected. Maybe the parents are not home, a child is sick or there are additional children that you were not aware of. What should you do? Susan explains.

Extraordinary Nanny – Candice

Meet extraordinary nanny Candice. Candice has the benefit of working in the office as well as an on call nanny. Learn what Candice has to say about the best way to get jobs and easiest way to ensure you get requested directly by families you love.

Nannies on Call Hours

Nannies on Call is open 7 days a week.

Monday to Friday 7am – 6pm PT
Saturday 9am – 6pm PT
Sunday 9am – 5pm PT

If nannies need to reach the office urgently outside of office hours you can call or text Susan. You can find her cell number on the website under the nanny login section.