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10 Ways to Teach Kids About Money Management

Kids are always learning about money whether you teach it to them or not, so let’s make sure that they learn the right things when it comes to money management shall we?

How to Bully-Proof You Child

25% of public schools report that bullying among children happen on a weekly or daily basis. Yes. That is a fact. Every day we see heart breaking stories about how bullying has affected children. Bullying is not just about physical violence anymore; there are numerous ways in which a child can feel like they are […]

Your Child & Body Image Positivity – Promoting Body Positivity to Children

It’s like everywhere you look, there’s a magazine or a TV show telling you how you should look and how you can only be happy if you look a certain way or dress a certain way or even eat certain things that will “make you thinner”! We are all guilty of looking at ourselves in […]

Social Media and Kids: Sharing vs. Over-Sharing

Growing up in the 90’s had its perks. The world was just being introduced to the concept of carrying around bulky mobile phones and email was barely in existence. The virtual world was still something that was yet to take centre-stage in our lives and people could eat their lunches without “instgramming” it. Fast forward […]

Getting through separation anxiety – Home Management Strategies

Being a parent is one of the greatest jobs in the world. But it can also be terribly overwhelming, especially if this is the first time that you’re spending time away from your little one. It can be hard for both you and your child to let go of each other and spend some time […]

Healthy Vs. Yummy Food – How to find that perfect balance

Admit it, we’ve all gone through the eternal struggle of choosing either that green salad or the cheeseburger. And more often than not, the cheeseburger wins the battle! When we as adults have such a hard time staying away from yummy but ultimately unhealthy food, can you really blame the little ones from wanting chips […]

30 Fun Activities this Summer

As the days get longer and the kids are out of school, you may find yourself trying to find different activities for your children to keep them entertained. We like to mix up different day camps, activities to do as a family, and some small road trips. Here are a list of fun activities around […]

Visit and Animal Sanctuary

Looking for a weekend activity that’s truly memorable? Plan a day trip to visit a local animal sanctuary! Sanctuaries are unique, special places where children and adults of all ages can interact with and learn more about the animals that we don’t usually get a chance to know firsthand and up close. There are many […]

Grab your umbrellas…. It’s that time of year again!

The weather forecast shows nothing but that little rain emoji. Your umbrella becomes your best (and most necessary) accessory, and the fear kicks in as you remember those energetic two year olds that you’re going to have to entertain ALL DAY! You think about going to an indoor child friendly café. Brilliant idea! Unfortunately, it […]

Puzzles: Entertainment to Focus On

Summer is here and getting outside is easy.  Trips to the park, the beach, or waterpark abound and every day gives the opportunity for a new adventure.  And although the sun makes it hard to think about the rain and snow returning, staying in can be just as much an adventure.  While dress-up and make-believe […]