Monthly Archives: August 2018

Your Child & Body Image Positivity – Promoting Body Positivity to Children

It’s like everywhere you look, there’s a magazine or a TV show telling you how you should look and how you can only be happy if you look a certain way or dress a certain way or even eat certain things that will “make you thinner”! We are all guilty of looking at ourselves in […]

Nanny of the Month

We are thrilled to honour Nanny Marcella as our Nanny of this Month for August 2018. Before working with Nannies On Call, she worked as a child development supervisor for 13 years. Her immense love and passion for children are evidenced in the glowing feedback that she receives from the families that she’s worked with. She […]

Social Media and Kids: Sharing vs. Over-Sharing

Growing up in the 90’s had its perks. The world was just being introduced to the concept of carrying around bulky mobile phones and email was barely in existence. The virtual world was still something that was yet to take centre-stage in our lives and people could eat their lunches without “instgramming” it. Fast forward […]

Four Ways to Spot a Fake Reference

When hiring childcare staff, outstanding references are extremely vital to the process. We get thousands of applicants every day here at Nannies On Call and sometimes; we do get individuals who list friends or family as references. So how do we spot a fake reference? Here are four ways in which we can make sure […]

Getting through separation anxiety – Home Management Strategies

Being a parent is one of the greatest jobs in the world. But it can also be terribly overwhelming, especially if this is the first time that you’re spending time away from your little one. It can be hard for both you and your child to let go of each other and spend some time […]

Healthy Vs. Yummy Food – How to find that perfect balance

Admit it, we’ve all gone through the eternal struggle of choosing either that green salad or the cheeseburger. And more often than not, the cheeseburger wins the battle! When we as adults have such a hard time staying away from yummy but ultimately unhealthy food, can you really blame the little ones from wanting chips […]