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How to Keep Your Babysitter Happy and Maintain the Babysitter Zen

As we get transferred all over Canada, my number one priority has been keeping our babysitter happy! For several of my parenting years, I felt like my continual mantra was “Why Can’t I Find a Babysitter in Canada?” My husband and our three children were transported to Vancouver, then Edmonton, and now Toronto. In the […]

How to Talk to Your Babysitter About Screen Time and Social Media

Talking to Your Babysitter About Screen Time We have all read the reports from the Canadian Paediatric Society about the dangers of using technology to “babysit” our kids, and most of us parents fight the urge to use some screen time to provide us with some quiet time. The struggle can be difficult, and the […]

How Making Time For Your Husband Can Make You a Better Mother

Let a Babysitter Take Over So You Can Take Care of Yourself Sometimes the best way to be a good mother is to be a good wife. For me, being a good wife means spending time with my husband without the kids. Of course, this advice is easier to give than it is to follow. […]

Why You Should Use an Agency When Finding a Babysitter

Why use an agency to find a babysitter in Canada? I love the Toronto restaurant scene.  My husband and I have had some amazing meals, and now I have my sights set on an evening downtown at Scaramouche, complete with a piece of their renowned coconut cream pie. However, finding a babysitter in Canada can be […]

10 Questions to Ask a New Babysitter From a Kids Perspective

We think it’s important to let our kids have questions to ask a new babysitter! My dear daughters love our new home in Vancouver. They love the new color of their bedroom, they love the sound of the new doorbell, and they love that there is a bakery two streets over. They also love that […]

What I do as a nanny

I work as a nanny. People ask what I do and I say “oh, I nanny” as if I’m saying “oh, I mostly sit around painting by numbers” or “oh I don’t actually have a real job I just blow bubbles in the park”. Now, if I wasn’t chained to the internalized misogyny, institutional undervaluing […]

APPsolutely Crazy

Apps are supposed to make your life easier right? You can schedule a pick up with Uber with the click of a button, book an apartment while travelling with AirBnB in less than one minute, and find a date on Tinder with just the swipe of your finger  Need a babysitter?  There is an app […]