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Things to Do, Places to See, Stuff to Eat!

It is no secret that the Lower Mainland, though lovely, is pricey. From home prices, filling up the car with gas, to buying a 4L of milk…our wallets take more of a hit than most! Just because some things are in fact pricey…does not mean you can’t have fun in Vancouver, or the surrounding area, […]

Bedtime snuggles and favourite book – Mommy magic time!!

Don’t underestimate the power of a snuggle and reading a favourite book together! Set this time aside for truly doing nothing but reading and being beside each other and enjoying each others space.  Once a week I would let each child pick which book I would read to them twice in a row – they […]

Constructive Feedback

As an employee we always try to show our best side and are eager to perform. It’s not only to receive a pay cheque it’s about job satisfaction and achieving personal goals. Work is like a second family, as a full time employee you spent more hours at work and with your co-workers then with your family, friends or pets.

Peek Inside Nanny Gina’s Nanny Bag

My nanny kit is my go-to introduction toolkit. Most kids love new things, and especially new toys. What is in my nanny kit you ask? Well, let me tell you. I have magnetic blocks, a lego duplo set, some minimobiles, puzzles, books, games, and cars. Everything that I have is washable (yay nursing), and nothing has small pieces, just in case a little one gets in there. I have to say the biggest hits are usually the legos and the mini mobiles. I like to ask kids questions like “Which one is the yellow one?” and “where is the puppy?” as they like to show off their skills. Parents also really like it when I bring in a nanny kit, because new toys are so much cooler than old toys. 🙂

Beauty Essentials For New Mums, and Mums on the Go

When you hear people say, “you really can have it all” you probably cringe. Life is busy as it is, layer in being a busy new mum trying to at least look like you’ve showered in the last century can sometimes be a lot harder than you’d think. With that in mind, here are a […]