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How To Handle Yourself & Be A Nanny Pro

As we all can agree, there is a huge difference between the “14 year old babysitter down the block” to working as a professional nanny. A lot of the distinctions are not only related to experience and certificates but also how to initiate discussions in a professional manner.

Thanks Will Come!

As parenting book author, Ann Douglas states, “Your kid will thank you (some day)”. A good friend of mine is balancing her 1 year old and soon-to-be teen age son and boldly states that “parenting is such a thank-less job….”.

What makes a good nanny?

Do you meet the criteria for what parents expect from their nanny? These are the qualities almost ALL parents expect from their nanny, starting with the most important at the top. If you have love for the children and the job, that’s the most important skill.

What is attachment theory?

Many families ascribe to the attachment theory of parenting. It’s a great idea to have some semblance of what that means, if you are applying to work with a family who believes and follows this theory. As a caregiver, you can help the child by being a responsive and available person in their life, in addition to their parents.