Monthly Archives: September 2013

Kids Can Volunteer!

The world is a better place because of volunteers and teaching children at a young age how to give back is a wonderful way to contribute to society and bring happiness all around.

How to properly use an Epi Pen

Susan talks to Nanny Jordan on how to properly use an Epi Pen.

How to create an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun, creative way to have your young kids playing and learning at the same time. For an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt create your own pictures or cut outs of items that are around your house or easily obtainable, such as:

Nannies Should NOT Pay for Work!

In the news lately we are hearing too often about companies being scrutinized for their practices. Agencies, let alone businesses in general are not supposed to charge anyone to look for work! I am specifically speaking about Nanny Agencies that ‘assist’ a childcare provider in finding a great family match. Nannies being promised a great position….for only $4000! When they say that they can’t afford it, they borrow from friends or family, or worse they borrow from the source and are charged huge interest rates. This is not ok and you would hope that hearing just one bad story would prompt others not to be taken to the cleaners.