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Nannies On Call Vancouver Family Picnic in the Park

Nannies on Call Vancouver Family Picnic in the Park

Annual Nanny Reviews

If your nanny has worked with you for more than a year, it’s time to seriously consider scheduling an annual review with her. Over the course of the year, your nanny has had time to settle into her role and develop a routine to accomplish her responsibilities and meld into the daily schedule of the family. Although she may feel like a part of the family at this point in time, she is still a professional who deserves to hear input on how she is handling her job from her employer.

Self-Identity After Baby

It was mother’s day this past weekend. It’s a day to celebrate you as a mother, but do you know who that is? Many women don’t immediately feel like a mother once their child is born, and instead gradually learn to see themselves in ways that fit with the identity of “mother.” In the meantime, the self she has previously known herself to be feels completely out of reach as her daily activities, capabilities and expectations have shifted so dramatically.

Relocating or Traveling to the Okanagan

Relocating or Traveling to the Okanagan?

Touted as one of Canada’s “best kept secrets”, the Okanagan area is a great place to visit, and it is also a wonderful place to find a home in and settle down in, especially if you have a family. Beyond the mountain-surrounded lakes and the beautiful climate that offers Mediterranean-like summers and mild, fairly dry winters, the Okanagan also provides excellent schools for the children, cultural events for everyone, and sporting facilities for the sports fanatics.

Five Household Details to know

Once you are have agreed to the position and show up there is more to your job than taking care of the wee ones. It is in your best interest to be proactive and find out “5 Household Details every nanny needs to know”:

Nanny of the Month – Vancouver

Originally from Australia, Katrina comes to Vancouver by way of London, England, where she recently completed a 3 year position as an elementary school teacher. She has worked in classrooms and homes in both London, Australia and now Vancouver. Her current family has this to say about her: