Monthly Archives: February 2012

Kelowna Opens March 1st!!!

The widely popular and well respected Vancouver-based boutique nanny agency has expanded once again! Over the past 11 years Nannies on Call has operated successfully in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Victoria and Whistler.

Why expand to the Okanagan? There is a profound need and we can help! There have been many inquiries from current clients that vacation during the summer months, as well as families needing our services while visiting the 3 ski hills in the area. Currently servicing high end hotels such as The Fairmont and Four Seasons, we are fostering the same types of relationships clients enjoy in every city. A booking with Nannies on Call always means the highest standard of care,
regardless of the location. We only represent the best of the best and would happily leave our own children with any of our caregivers. We truly are much more than the babysitter next door.

Cooking Lessons for Nannies

Tired of the same old meals? Need some inspiration?

Nannies on Call has partnered with the Hungry Oven to bring Nannies a bit of inspiration in the kitchen.

The Hungry Oven will give nannies confidence to work in the kitchens of Nannies on Call families whether it be preparing delicious and nutritious family meals or working with the children, teaching them basic cooking skills and healthy eating choices.

8 Steps to Hire the Perfect Nanny

You are about to put the livelihood of your children into the hands of someone that you do not know, and for most parents, hiring a nanny is an overwhelming process. Ultimately, you want to find someone whom you can trust to provide the best care for your children while you are away. If you follow these steps during your nanny search, you can ensure your chances of finding the perfect nanny for your family.

Where do you find a nanny?

There are many ways to find your very own Mary Poppins. There is no right or wrong way. It depends on your families needs, your time and your budget. Here are a few of the most popular ways to find a nanny for your family.

Organized Nanny

Nannies on Call has been blessed to have Michelle service two of our cities (so far!). Michelle has wowed clients in both Vancouver and Toronto with her creative, upbeat and organized work ethics. Since joining our team last year she has managed to work with over 101 different families and complete over 203on call nanny bookings caring for children of various ages. We are very proud to have Michelle as our Nanny of the Month – we think she is lovely!!