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How Do You Speak To Children? Why Does It Matter?

The critical mind does not begin developing until about the age of three and isn’t completely developed until approximately age 12. The implication of this for children is that they are quite literally like a sponge. Everything they experience, goes directly into the subconscious mind and forms their attitudes, beliefs, habits and behaviours.

Hollywood Gelato

Let’s be honest – you could be serving gelato from a hole in the wall and the kids would thrilled. Hollywood Gelato? Now this is taste fit for mom and dad.

Our Extraordinary Nanny Teambuy

Oh magnificent Monday: we’ve partnered with to bring Toronto families a very sweet spoonful of sugar on August 23rd!

We Review The Mom-Friendly Spa & Gelato For Mom & Dad!

We made a bee-line straight for BT Nails: it’s the mom-friendly spa! How did we know? Try the huge sign out front that reads “Mom-friendly.” Nice!

Social Networking and Privacy

The issue of Social Networking has been brought to our attention several times recently and I just wanted to remind nannies of a few issues.

Olly Shoes – Toronto

Simply put: Olly Shoes is a bright, inviting and well-organized shoe-store for kids. Nanny Erin was impressed with the helpful and kid-friendly staff who were eager to please – and you won’t need to worry about fighting to find a seat in the large space. There’s more than enough room to browse and there are plenty of benches for you and your family to comfortably sit and try on an afternoon of shoes.

5 Tips when leaving your child for the first time.

Leaving your child with a new nanny can be stressful – but it doesn’t need to be! Here are 5 tips to reduce the tears for both you and your child.

Navigating Nannyhood and Mummydom…All at Once

The world has changed…or should I say is changing. The work week is no longer solely 9-5, People do call during the dinner hour and women not only have joined the work force in full force, they no longer hide out in moo moos with their feet up when they are pregnant. (Although you would have a hard time telling my great Baba that that was what she while she was having 9 children, raising 9 children and running a farm…how on earth did she find time to bake bread and iron underwear.)

Hatley – Toronto

Be careful walking into The Hatley Store: their original brand of cute is seriously hard to resist. The adorable 100% cotton designs found in the small, but welcoming boutique on Yonge (a little ways North of Eglinton) are primarily geared towards bedtime, but it’s hard not to miss the rain gear which you’ll also find yourself wishing came in your size. Oh, wait – it does! Careful, like I said, slippery slope. Clothing ranges from 3 months to seven years with tons of animal patterns your kids will love – and is even available in matching adult/child sleeper sets.

Hypnotherapy – An alternative choice in the health care field

The beauty of raising children in this day and age are the various options and choices one has surrounding behavioral or heath issues. No longer is a pill always the fix, hypnotherapy for children and adolescents is another choice to explore to see if it is the right type of therapy for your family. The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association defines hypnosis as “an education communication process to a person’s mind that allows his/her conscious and subconscious mind to receive the same message. The process produces an altered state of consciousness through mental and physical relaxation. The critical faculty of the mind is bypassed and the subconscious openly receives the communication”.