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Game of Observation

As a nanny fun does not have to cost money. This a great game that can be played anywhere, costs nothing and can be played with little preparation. It helps to develop children’s observation skills and their ability to recall information. The children will never know you have created a teachable moment.

Alligator Snap!!

My husband had the best game for the children when I needed a few minutes to do something or get supper actually on the table after both of us staggered in the door from work.

Kool-Aid Lip Gloss

Kool-Aid Lip Gloss

DYI Idea: Make Your Own Goop

This DYI idea comes courtesy of nanny Kirstin from Calgary. It’s called goop (no relation to Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog) and a has texture similar to nutty-putty. It’s soft and squishy, bounces and when left on a table, will melt into a puddle. You can colour on it with markers and make designs or play with […]

How to create an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun, creative way to have your young kids playing and learning at the same time. For an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt create your own pictures or cut outs of items that are around your house or easily obtainable, such as:

Ways to Make Learning Time Fun with Pre-Schoolers

It’s the age of technology, and making learning time fun when you’re dealing with Pre-School aged children now requires more than the old-fashioned crayons and colored construction paper, mixed in with a little bit of glitter and glue. Yes, nannies, babysitters, and parents, these school materials are now dinosaurs in the new age of learning apps, software, programs and games. It’s time to really make learning fun!

Simple Toys!

How many times has your child opened a bunch of new toys at Christmas or his/her birthday, only to be more interested in playing with the box they came in?
Sometimes the most exciting – and even most educational – toys are the old fashioned ones. Crayons, building blocks and cardboard boxes do as much for your child as the brain food toys of today – often more.

Red Light! Green Light! Pink Light!

Start somewhere there is a lot of open space. Ask the children to think of a traffic light and ask them to define Red, Yellow and Green. If they don’t know, say “Green light means go fast,” “Yellow light means go slowly” and “Red Light means stop.”

It’s BabyTime!

Why brave a mommy event so big it is classified as a “trade show”? Three words: swag, prizes, and speakers!

Nannies on Call will have a booth at this weekend’s BabyTime Fall Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North Building). Running November 11th-13th from 10am-6pm daily, there are stage shows ranging from My Little Pony Live to Infant Massage and Salsa Babies. Seminar speakers include “The Sleep Doula” Tracy Ruiz and Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books.

What’s Different?

This game requires at least two players.


Stand in fron to your child and let them study you.
Leave the room and changes something about your appearance.
For example, you might turn a baseball cap backward or remove a sweatshirt.
Return to your child and challenge them to tell what’s different about you.