Meet Nanny Lissa from Victoria – Nanny of the Month

Here at Nannies on Call, we have wonderful nannies that strive to make your family’s life run smoothly each and every day of the year.  

Whether you’re looking for someone to come along with you on your summer travels or help you settle into the routine of the new school year, here are just one of the many nannies we are happy and proud to work with.

Meet Lissa!

To put it simply, Nanny Lissa is AMAZING!!!!!! Children love her, parents love her, we love her and we’re sure you will too!

Growing up in Northern BC, Lissa began babysitting when she was just 10years old. In 1980 she moved to Victoria to attend college, fell in love with the city and simply never left (except for a short time in London, England to further her studies). Lissa has experience working as a nanny, babysitter and doula/birth coach. She specializes in providing exceptional care for newborns and infants, has experience with multiples and also caring for children with special needs. In the past, she has travelled with families to locations such as Eastern Canada and overseas.

Lissa is a very confident and able driver. She is also happy to assist with light housekeeping such as laundry and running errands.

Many years ago, Lissa and a friend began a fundraising group called Team4Hope. This passion of hers keeps her busy on evenings and weekends where she works alongside other women to raise much needed funds for the BC Children’s Hospital.

Lissa is searching for her next wonderful full-time placement (preferably spread over 4 days between Mon – Fri). She is available to start in September or October. Lissa lives in Oak Bay, and prefers to stay in the south side of the city.

“She (Lissa) will do crafts with them (the children), for Easter they color eggs, she is a good singer so there is a lot of singing and music that the kids listen to and she loves to take them outside to play. She knows all the good parks in town and makes sure they do a lot of exercising at the parks very regularly.” – Karen D.

If you are interested in meeting Lissa, or any of our prescreened, live out, extraordinary nannies in the Victoria area, please contact:

Lisa Bruce at 250-410-0159 ext 104 or


What Are the Disadvantages of a Nanny Share? Evaluate Your Options

A nanny share is an ideal arrangement for families seeking to reduce costs, expose their little ones to other children and build relationships with families with similar interests. However, a nanny share is not for everyone. In fact, some of the disadvantages may lead you to consider a private nanny or an on-call nanny from Nannies On Call, an agency who specializes in finding just the right fit for you.

Consider challenges that families face with a nanny share and explore your options to find a solution that is ideal for your family.

Differing Parenting Styles

When enrolling your child in a home daycare or preschool, many parents struggle with the style of care that is consistent for each and every child at the center. The same issues may arise when engaging in a nanny share. For example, your parenting style may differ drastically from the other family’s preferences. If you prefer that your child takes naps at a certain time, but the host family does not believe naps are effective, it may be difficult for your child to rest peacefully.

You may also have a stern discipline approach, whereas the other family does not believe in correcting children when they misbehave. Before entering into a nanny share agreement, ensure that you and your partner family are on the same page when it comes to the type of care your children will receive. If not, the relationship and arrangement may not lead to a successful outcome for you, your children and the nanny.

Contradictory Nanny Expectations

It is common for families to have different expectations of a nanny. You may request light household work while your partner family may expect deep cleaning while the nanny is watching your children. In addition, one family may prefer for the nanny to take the children on field trips or visit the local park and another family may prefer that the care is primarily based in the home. Families must set clear expectations and iron out the duties of a nanny to avoid confusion or frustration at the onset of a nanny share.

Privacy Concerns

If you consider yourself a private person and do not welcome an abundant amount of children in your home, a nanny share may pose a challenge. If you are the host home, know that children from  your family and your partner family will spend the day in your residence. Messes are bound to arise and your kitchen will be in use for the nanny to prepare meals. Families who find that they are overwhelmed with so much activity in the home may not be as open to the idea of a nanny share.

Cost Conflicts

Families in a nanny share must stipulate how costs are handled regularly. You are bound to save money when splitting the cost of a nanny, but additional expenses such as food, costs of field trips and transportation may extend your budget. You must be willing to work cohesively with your partner family and fairly allocate costs in order for a nanny share to work successfully.

Evaluate the potential disadvantages of a nanny share to determine if this arrangement is the right fit for your family. Nannies on Call can help you weigh your options. Contact us today for more information.


An Open Letter to All Job Applicants

Dear Job Applicant,

I read nanny resumes for a living. It’s fair to say that when it comes to applying for a nanny job, I know what I’m talking about, because I know what employers are looking for. It’s all about first impressions and you might be surprised to find out that you only get about 10 seconds. Because that’s about how long it takes to skim a cover letter and a resume. I’ve been a recruiter for almost 5 years and I’ve seen thousands of resumes, and it never ceases to amaze me what some people think is adequate to submit as a job application. So, here are my Top 2 Tips for making that first impressions.

  1. Introduce yourself! Yes, a cover letter. Not a cover essay people, I don’t have time to read about your entire life. Keep it brief, cut straight to the point and be sure to include the important details like why are you applying for this job specifically? What makes you stand out? Your greeting should catch my eye. What should you definitely NOT do? You should not be using the same cover letter for every job you apply to. We recruiters can spot a generalized, non-specific cover letter in 2.5 seconds and guess what that first impression says about you? Lazy. Cuts corners. No attention to detail.
  2. Review your resume before you submit it. What? What is this nonsense talk?! Of course you should be curtailing your resume to be specific for the job you’re applying to. You don’t know how many people apply for a nanny job with ZERO childcare experience listed on their resume and yet they claim to have 10 years of experience. And guess what? If you don’t have it listed on your resume or don’t have a ton of experience then you should be clarifying that in your cover letter. Simple right? Oh and don’t get me started on the amount of blank resumes I get with just a name and maybe 1 random job on it.

See that’s not too much to ask is it? Most of you reading this are probably thinking “well duh!” but I promise you would be SHOCKED at what we recruiters sift through. Oh, and to what I like to call the “golden goose”, the applicant with the gorgeous up to date resume and cover letter addressed to me…I see you. You rock my world.


Every Recruiter Ever.


Written by: Kelly Trozzo
Originally from Arizona, Kelly graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Human Development. Coming from a childcare background and transitioning into recruiting, Kelly is the seasoned recruiter for Calgary Nannies on Call! Kelly is passionate about cooking; she will talk your ear off about food and the definition of a “great meal”. Kelly is due to have her first baby in September 2017, she is currently going to great lengths to remain cool and comfortable during the summer.

Maternity Must Haves

I recently had my first experience at a maternity store, Thyme Maternity to be exact. I have to admit, I was kind of dreading it thinking that I don’t particularly like clothes shopping in general because when things don’t fit you or look good it can make you feel bad about yourself! And in my delicate state currently of 30 weeks pregnant I certainly don’t need to be feeling that way. But to my surprise, it was actually WONDERFUL! I could not believe how well designed some of the maternity clothes are. I told my Grandma about this and she said “back in my day all we had were moo-moos and we were told to cover up.” Maternity fashion has come a long way and while you don’t have to spend a ton, a few pieces can really make a difference in your wardrobe to make you look and feel great.

Here are some pieces I think are Maternity Must Haves!

Striped Maternity Dress ($60) – This is like wearing a nightgown in public and getting away with it. I pair it with a jean jacket.

Maternity Short ($45) – These are Amaze-balls. Love the full coverage belly band! Pair with a t-shirt or flowy top.


Plie – High Waist Maternity Shapewear ($37) – This is great to give your bump some support under dresses! A few pairs of these are so worth it.

Written by: Kelly Trozzo

Originally from Arizona, Kelly graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Human Development. Coming from a childcare background and transitioning into recruiting, Kelly is the seasoned recruiter for Calgary Nannies on Call! Kelly is passionate about cooking; she will talk your ear off about food and the definition of a “great meal”. Kelly is due to have her first baby in September 2017, she is currently going to great lengths to remain cool and comfortable during the summer.

Nannies on Call is Hiring!

Nannies on Call, an upscale boutique company with branches in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria and Toronto, has an opening in the Vancouver office for a dynamic Nanny Recruiter with a proven track record of sourcing and hiring the most extraordinary talent!

We are looking for a Recruiter who is self-motivated and results-driven, to contribute to our next level of growth. Working with the On Call Bookings Manager and Placement Managers, your goal is to recruit extraordinary childcare professionals to be represented by Nannies on Call, guiding them through the application and interview process.

Duties will include, but are not limited to: posting available positions using a variety of social media methods; screening and interviewing candidates; performing reference checks; ensuring that all minimum requirements are met by all nannies; and other general administrative duties such as entering nanny information into our system and answering applicant enquiries by phone and/or email, attending networking events, creating partnerships and creating awareness of Nannies On Call in the market.

It is a full time position, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.
Start date: August 1, 2017
Location: Downtown Vancouver

We’re looking for:

  • A creative, outgoing, positive, “can do” nature (we are a casual office with a professional image)
  • Proactive self starter, able to multitask on multiple ongoing projects
  • Working knowledge of normal range of computer programs such Word and Excel
  • Technological savvy  – currently using social media, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn.
  • Strong communication skills,  written and oral
  • Experience in Recruitment (at least 2 years preferred)
  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree in related field preferred
  • Knowledge of the nanny/childcare industry is an asset

Please send cover letter and resume detailing relevant experience by email to Silvana Felix:

Thank you to all who apply, however only successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.

In a world where you can send an email in a blink of an eye, we are looking for someone who stands out in the sea of applicants. Show us you care as much as we do.

6 reasons your children should learn to swim!

With summer upon us, the weather is warming up and children are excited and eager to jump into a pool, beach or lake. They love splashing around, playing and having fun!

The American Association of Pediatrics recommends that children do not start formal swimming lessons until after their 4th birthday. This will ensure that your child is developmentally ready to practice and learn life saving skills such as floating and movement.

But children of all ages love being in the water, and there are plenty of activities that you can do with your child before their 4th birthday to ensure they develop a love of the water and to prepare them for formal swimming lessons. Splashing, singing songs, playing games and building confidence in the water are necessary in the first few years.

It is important that children learn the basics of swimming, even if it’s only to put your mind at ease! If you’ve ever questioned why you should put your child in swimming lessons, here are the top reasons:

  1. It is FUN!

Most children love splashing around in the water, playing water games with their friends and spending the day by the pool, beach or lake.

  1. It is a great confidence builder!

As with any new challenge, children get better over time with practice. Celebrate each new goal that your child reaches whether it be submerging their head underwater, or swimming a length of the pool. They’ll be pretty proud of their achievements no matter how small.

  1. It’s a great form of exercise.

Swimming is a low impact workout that most children love! They will be having a ball in the pool, and not even realize they are exercising.

  1. Your children will make new friends (and you might too!)

If you enroll your child in swimming lessons, chances are they will be joined by other children of similar ages. Swimming can create life long friendships as children go through the various stages of learning to swim with their new friends.

  1. To develop a lifelong skill.

Just like riding a bike, once you have this skill you can continue swimming well into adulthood.

  1. It could save your child’s LIFE!

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Summer is upon us! And with that a delicious variety of sweet, juicy fruit is in season.

These fruit kebabs are an absolute hit amongst kids! Offer your children a plain banana and it’s likely that they’re not hungry. But, offering them one of these and you’ll all of a sudden have similar cooking skills to that of Jamie Oliver!

The best part is, that the kids can help prepare this snack!

It’s a great option if you’re bringing a plate of party food to share, packing for a picnic or just wanting to try something different.

Of course, they are delicious in their simplest form. You can also drizzle some chocolate, maple syrup or yogurt over the top. A favorite in our house is a little marshmallow at the end of the skewer.

What you need:

You can use any fruit you like. Some favorites in our house are:

Red – strawberries and raspberries

Orange – cantaloupe and peaches

Yellow – Pineapple and banana

Green – Green grapes

Blue – Blueberries

Purple – Grapes


Marshmallows, syrup, honey, chocolate or yogurt is an option.


  1. Chop the fruit up into bite sized pieces.
  2. Thread the fruit on the skewers.
  3. Drizzle with chocolate, yoghurt, honey or syrup if desired.
  4. Enjoy!

Seasons Change, and so do Nannies’ Roles!

Here is the situation –  The summer is here and you have hired an enthusiastic and animated nanny to ensure that your kids have a memorable summer and are kept safe. Isn’t summer great!?!   And then, in a blink of an eye,  September is looming and you are starting to devise your back-to-school mental checklist.  New backpacks, coloured pencils and Pinterest lunch ideas.  Those are easy to tick off and you manage them one by one.  But, what will you do for childcare once school starts?

Your summer nanny has been truly amazing and your kids have really bonded with her.   You will certainly need somebody to care for the kids before and after school so you ask her if she is interested in staying on for the school year.  She would love to, but she needs to work full time hours.    This is understandable, so you offer full days during the Christmas break and March break as well.  Oh, and let’s not forget all the PD days that seem to increase in number every year.   In addition, it would also be extremely helpful to have care for the kids when they are too sick to attend school.   No dice-  it’s still not enough hours for her.  Ask any parent who has tried to find a solution to this conundrum – finding a nanny with this type of flexibility is not an easy task!

At Nannies on Call, we occasionally have success with these types of placements but it is often a game of luck.  It is not easy to get somebody to go in to work for only 2 hours, and then return later that same day for another 2 hour shift.  That’s a lot of time spent commuting for a very small pay cheque.

The solution is to increase the Nanny’s hours and transform the position into a full time Nanny/House Manager role.  There are many duties she can help out with that a busy working parent just simply does not have time to do.

Here are some ideas for things the Nanny can help you out with while the kids are in school:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Batch cooking (ie.  Filling your freezer with home cooked meals so that weekend meals are easy)
  • Laundry
  • Errands:  Dry cleaning, car servicing, post office, etc
  • Shopping for birthday presents and Christmas presents
  • Wrapping the gifts
  • Planning the children’s birthday parties
  • Making costumes for the school play or Halloween
  • Sorting through the children’s clothes/packing away the items that don’t fit
  • Organizing tradesmen to come into the home
  • Packing the car for the weekend at the cottage
  • Researching summer camps/local activities for the kids

As I write this article, I think about what tasks I would really love help with and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘photos’!  I have a million and six photos of my daughters just sitting on my hard drive, unorganized and untouched.  I would give my left arm to have somebody take over this project for me and organize them into folders, print the best ones and put them into albums for me.

Good help is hard to find so if you know a nanny who is truly wonderful, hold on tight to her!   Your children’s happiness is unquestionably worth it, and your stress levels with thank you!

Contact Kate McGeachin in the Placement Department to find out more information. or  1- 877-214-2828

Taking Your Nanny on Vacation

Your vacation is supposed to be a stress-free experience. Bringing a nanny along can be the key to not only a stress-free vacation, but also one where the children are tended to while you and your spouse are able to enjoy some alone time, too. However, to ensure that your vacation is as wonderful as it should be, you will need to sit down with your spouse and your nanny prior to leaving and work out all of the minor details so that everyone is on the same page. Read More »

Play dough Recipe

When my children were little we used to love making this recipe. The best part is watching the mixture change from a goo to a solid ball of play dough. The kids played with it right out of the pot and enjoyed the warmth on their hands as they kneaded it out. Give them some plastic cutlery or a cookie cutter to help them with their creations.

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