Nanny of the Month – Helen

Helen is a wonderful nanny who comes with over 25 years of experience caring for children of all ages.  She is a playful and fun nanny and all children love to be around her.

Before arriving in Canada 26 years ago, Helen attended Art College in her small hometown in the North of England. She loves to engage children in wonderful, play based learning experiences and is known to create amazing artistic masterpieces with children. Helen also has her ECE Certificate and Diploma in Massage Therapy.

Nanny Helen is a valued part of our team at Nannies on Call. We are very lucky to have her working with us!

Previous employers have this to say about the wonderful Nanny Helen:

“She had excellent rapport with the children. She was always engaging them in crafts and creative activities.” – Janet

“Helen’s capabilities are exceptional and she has so much to offer. Her creativity is amazing and she is loving and warm!” – Leslie
Keep up the great work Helen!  We appreciate you!

What is the difference between a Nanny and an Au Pair?

If you are planning on working in Canada as a nanny from overseas, it is important to understand the differences between applying as a nanny or as an au pair.

 What is a live-out Nanny?

  • A nanny has several years of experience caring for children and often, this is the nanny’s chosen career
  • Some nannies have other certification, such as teaching degrees, nursing degrees, or Early Childhood training certificates
  • A nanny goes to a family’s home each day and leaves at the end of the day
  • A nanny is responsible for the children during a set weekly schedule, depending on the family’s needs
  • In Canada, nannies are paid $16 to $25+ per hour and this rate depends on the nanny’s experience and the job’s responsibilities.  The rate can also vary depending on where in Canada the nanny is working
  • A nanny must have a working holiday visa

 What is an Au Pair?

  • An au pair may have little to no childcare experience
  • An au pair is often younger and looking for a cultural experience
  • Au pairs provide help with childcare and light housekeeping in exchange for room, board, and pocket money
  • An au pair gains cultural and childcare experience though the family
  • Often, an au pair is looking to learn another language while in the family’s home
  • Au pairs are not necessarily looking for a career in childcare
  • An au pair must have a working holiday visa

Although the jobs have many similarities, if you already have at least two years of childcare experience, you will be better compensated when you apply to work as a nanny in Canada.

If you are interested in becoming a nanny in Canada, please contact Nannies on Call or 877-214-2828.

The Financial Side of a Nanny Share

Finding affordable childcare can be one of the biggest struggles that parents face.  One solution that is gaining momentum is a Nanny Share.  This means that one nanny is caring for the children from two (or possibly three) families at the same time.  This allows for the families to enjoy the benefits,  flexibility and ease that a nanny offers, at a reduced rate.
Nannies earn more when working in a nanny share agreement. This typically is about 20-30% more than her rate when working for one family. For example, if the nanny charges $18 per hour for one family, she would charge $21-23 per hour for a nanny share, and the parents would split this, thus each family having to pay $10 or $12 per hour.

Payments to the nanny can be handled in 2 ways, says Deborah Shure from Nanny Tax.

1) The families can create a partnership, where there would be one pay stub, one T4, etc.  The two families split the amounts and claim what they have each paid.  One thing to bear in mind is that in a partnership, if one partner is negligent in paying, the other partner becomes liable.

2) The other option is for each family to pay the nanny separately.  With 2 different sole proprietorships, the liability is not an issue, but the employers/employee need to make sure that the taxes are done correctly.  If the employee ends up getting treated as if each is the only job, he/she could end up owing a lot of money on their tax return.  For example, if the nanny earns $15,000 with each family, almost no tax would be deducted from each pay cheque.  At the end of a year, the total of $30,000 should have had over $3,000 deducted which would mean that this is owed by the nanny to the CRA at tax time. The other important point is that each family needs to ensure that they are paying at least minimum wage, even if the nanny is earning far above minimum wage when the pay slips are combined.  To avoid this, it is recommended that the families split the hours, rather than the wage.

If you have questions surrounding Nanny Shares, please contact Kate McGeachin at Nannies on Call or Deborah Shure at Nanny Tax. We love to help!

Gap Year in Canada

Are you thinking about taking a gap year but don’t want to go broke on your year away?  Becoming a nanny in Canada could be the perfect solution for you!  You can make a great salary while experiencing Canada and making loads of new friends.  There are many families across Canada interested in hiring foreign nannies and nannies from Australia, New Zealand, England, and Ireland are especially popular.

Interested?  Here are a few things to consider before heading overseas:

Where do you want to live?  The major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa are the best places to find high-paying nanny positions.  Plus, they are great jumping off points for travelling around the country and into the US!

How much do you want to work?  You can work a flexible on call/babysitting type job where you would work for different families.  This would give you the flexibility to travel while picking up enough shifts to pay the bills.  Or you could commit to a part-time or full-time position, working for the same family on a set schedule.  This usually pays more than the babysitting jobs and the length of the position can vary, depending on the family’s needs.

Can you commit to one year?  If you are planning on committing to a part-time or full-time position, many families would prefer a nanny who can commit to at least a year.  Are you willing to stay in one city for a year or two?  Many working holiday visas are now two years which makes committing much easier.

Do you drive?  If you drive, do the research on what it takes to convert your current license to a local driver’s license.  Many nanny jobs in Canada require driving and switching to a local license is required after you have been in the city for three months.  Driving will often get you a higher rate, as well.

Get organized.  Before you leave home, put together a nanny portfolio.  Gather copies of your childcare reference letters, criminal record check, degrees/certificates, resume, and cover letter. When applying for your Canadian visa, make sure to carefully read the requirements for working with children as you may need to get a medical before you arrive.  If you are organized, you will be able to hit the ground running when you arrive and get a job right away.

Get Certified.  Before you leave home, make sure to get your CPR/First Aid.  It is important when working with children and most families require it.

Do your research.  Find out what the going rate is for nannies in the area.  Rates can vary greatly across Canada.  If you go through a reputable agency such as Nannies on Call, you will earn a higher rate than finding a job online.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Nannies on Call before arriving in Canada.  We would be happy to help you.  We can be reached at or 877-214-2828.

Are moms qualified nannies?

At Nannies on Call, we regularly get mothers applying to become nannies and often, these mothers do not have any childcare experience other than raising their own children.  They become frustrated when we tell them that they do not have enough experience to work with us and we hear things such as, “You’re telling me that raising my daughter for the last 4 years isn’t enough experience?” or “I have raised 3 children and 2 grandchildren and have over 20 years of experience – why isn’t that good enough?!”

While we believe that these mothers do have a lot of terrific practical experience, unfortunately, working for another family is very different than raising your own children; it comes with a whole different set of skills, expectations, and values.  Having experience with these situations is important when becoming a nanny and this is why practical experience is not quite enough.

So what are mothers with practical experience to do?  Here are a few things to consider if you are a mother trying to transition to nannying:

Volunteering.  Have you volunteered at your children’s school?  When my daughter was little, she went to a parent-participation preschool.  I spent many hours in the preschool volunteering and we also had monthly education nights where experts were brought in to teach us about discipline, crafts and development.  All of this would count towards professional childcare experience.

Babysitting.  Have you taken care of other people’s children on a regular basis?  Could you get a reference letter from one of the parents?

Coaching.  Have you ever coached your child’s soccer, field hockey, or hockey team?  This is great experience and often gives you the chance to get a coaching course under your belt, too.

Tutoring.  Have you ever tutored children other than your own?

No matter how you gain your professional experience, mothers need to think outside the box.  Consider where have you gained childcare experience outside of your own family and then tailor your resume accordingly.

If you need help please feel free to contact us. We are here to help. or 877-214-2828




Arcela D. Picture 2017

Arcela D. – 5 years

We are very happy to congratulate nanny Arcela D. on celebrating her 5 year Nannyversary with Nannies on Call this month!  Since joining our team in early 2012, Arcela has worked over 500 jobs with almost 300 families who have called her “wonderful,” “absolutely amazing,” and “one of the most capable nannies we’ve ever experienced.”  A positive, hardworking, and dependable nanny, she also works part-time at a Senior’s Care facility because she has no shortage of love and care to go around.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, she is able to keep everyone calm, engaged, and having fun, no matter what the situation.  Whether she is taking the children for a walk to the playground or a trip to the zoo, you can be sure everyone will have a fantastic day.  Congratulations, Arcela!

Nanny of the Month – Lise

liseOriginally from Quebec, Nanny Lise comes from a large family, and has been caring for children since she was only a teenager.  She is fully bilingual in French and English, and has two grown children of her own.

Lise began her professional childcare career as a daycare provider in 2004, and continued on as an early childhood educator until 2009 when she decided to joined Nannies on Call.  Over the years, she has had a special interest in working with children with special needs, and truly shines when working with one or two children at a time.

Lise has been a spectacular part of the on-call team here at Nannies on Call since 2009, and has worked over a 1000 bookings with us!  In fact one of our on-call families enjoyed her so much they decided to hire her long-term, so their children would always be guaranteed her outstanding care, fun games, and positive attitude.

There has been so much excellent feedback about Lise that we had to select just a few of the wonderful things that families have said about their excellent experience with her.

“Lise was absolutely amazing! We were so glad she was our nanny; she arrived with toys and immediately put both our very young children at ease. I can’t say enough great things about her.“


“Lise was great. Our 8-year-old niece said she wishes she could be her regular babysitter. Thank you so much for all of your help.


“Lise was absolutely incredible! She came fully prepared with lots of activities and was wonderful with our daughter! I didn’t even get a good-bye from my daughter when I left! Can’t say enough good things.




Carmelle – Nanny of the Month

Nanny Carmelle S. is celebrating her 10 year nanny-versary with Nannies on Call in Vancouver. Carmelle came to Nannies on Call in 2006 with more than 20 years of childcare experience and has worked well over 1,000 jobs with more than 500 families since then. A mother herself, she understands the concerns of today’s parents and is always ready to take charge, no matter what the situation. When she is not nannying, she can be found volunteering in Guatemala to help build a sustainable village for widowed mothers and their children, working on one of the two children’s books she is currently writing, or spearheading a literacy and education project for women in rural Egypt. Here is what some of our families have had to say about nanny Carmelle over the years:

“We were absolutely delighted with Carmelle. She was on time and had a calm, happy presence. My children are usually very shy with strangers, but they took to her absolutely immediately and she was reading them stories within minutes of her arrival.”

“She was incredibly competent, knowledgeable, warm, and loving. I trusted her immediately.”

“We would love to have Carmelle as our nanny in the future. She is an absolute diamond!”

With all of her energy, talent, and passion for childcare, it is no wonder that Carmelle remains such a valuable member of the Nannies on Call team. Congratulations, Carmelle!

Nanny of the Month


Our October Nanny of the Month, Nanny Arcela, has worked with our agency for 4 years, and has steadily become a favourite of many of our Calgary families. She knows how to win the hearts of the children she cares for with her warm personality and kind heart. Past clients describe Arcela as “wonderful”, and “amazing”, and she always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. We are truly fortunate to have her in our On Call nanny team. Congratulations, Arcela!

Nanny of the Month

skylarCongratulations Nanny Skylar, you are our September Nanny of the Month!

Working with Nannies on Call since 2015, Skylar brings a ton of energy and a great attitude to all the families she has worked for.

Skylar, who is known for her nanny bag full of fun games and crafts, is someone who is always sure to excite your children! She has years of exceptional childcare experience varying as a babysitter, nanny, and caring for children with special needs.

Skylar has so many positive attributes, that it was tough picking those to include.

Here’s a small look at some wonderful things that have been said about Skylar’s childcare abilities.

Tracey – “She’s amazing – she’s really, really good. The kids would run to the door when she arrived. She always had a special babysitter bag with games and crafts and she’d always bring something different in it. My daughter is 12 now and is taking a babysitter course and I can see her modeling the positive behaviours that Skylar had. Skylar not only took care of them, but impacted them in such a great way.”

Tracey also added, “We’ve had lots of babysitters and she was absolutely the best. When we came home the house was always impeccable, she would do our dirty dishes, or leave out freshly baked cookies. It’ll be a lucky family that gets her.”

She was working for one one of our families in a short term nanny position this past summer. They liked her so much that they have offered her a permanent position!

Thanks for all your hard work Skylar!